Add Zing to Your House Party with Our Dynamic DJ Service

Whether you are organizing a vibrant birthday bash or an exciting housewarming party, music and dance is something that is considered indispensable to add liveliness in any house party. The service of a professional DJ may look like going overboard for a house party but believe me it will definitely going to stir the party with vigor and vivacity. While the party tempo crept in and the temperature started to drop, a proficient DJ will set ablaze the ambience by shredding out some gritty and rocking tunes to make your event an experience to remember.
The professional DJs of our company, Geaux Live DJ & Photography are well skilled in enthralling the audience and keeping them to their toes. However, now hiring a professional DJ in New Orleans without exhausting your budget is just a cake walk as is here with its premium services.
Set a Budget
Budget is one of the most important factors that one should seek before hiring an experienced DJ. Therefore, charting out a budget that you wish to spend to make your party an event to treasure and cherish for lifetime. You must mark the point that a good, professional DJ doesn’t come cheap so set a generous budget for this purpose. Also, the cost of a DJ is determined in accord with the location, date and time so keep that in mind while sorting the budget.
The holiday or graduation seasons are the busiest time for DJs, so if you are planning your house event in the time around then get ready to pay more to hire a good DJ. The selection of date and time other than these days will surely enhance the chances of getting a good deal for the DJ service. Also, if possible keep your party in the afternoon because the DJ service rate in the afternoon parties is lesser than of night, which is a peak hour for DJs.
At Geaux Live DJ & Photography, we ensure complete customer satisfaction and offer professional New Orleans DJ service at highly affordable price. We also offer various combo packages for different occasions. Our long list of satisfied customers in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lafayette and surrounding areas makes us the most sought after DJ, photography, videography and photo booth service provider.


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