New Orleans photographers

Capture the Cherished Moments of your Wedding with Our Special Wedding Photography Services

Looking for professional photographers in New Orleans to shoot the special moments of your wedding day? If yes, then we Geaux Live DJ & Photography warmly welcome you at our place. We have a team of professional photographers who are well-experienced in shooting the most special moments of a wedding and weaving them to create a beautiful treasure. Our professional photographers in New Orleans form amazing stills of your D-Day that you would heartily cherish throughout the life with your friends, relatives and coming generations.

Wedding is once in a life time affair where level of excitement and happiness is already touching the sky. And, definitely you cannot compromise on the most heartfelt moments of this day. Thus, hiring a professional photographer is a great idea than relying on your friends or relatives capturing blurry and dreadful pictures. Professionals know how to gracefully shoot the pictures of this day with their artistic approach and expertise. So, you shall hire only an expert for this special task.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Photographer:


Professional fingers and artistic mind is required to capture mesmerizing photographs and put soul in it. And, professional photographers hold expertise in using latest tools and clicking beautiful pictures using correct angles, light, shades and background.

Latest Equipments

A professional photographer makes use of advanced equipments and latest cameras only to render finest quality photography services. Professional equipments enhance the quality and clarity of pictures despite of poor background, which your friend or relative might not be able to do.

Artistic Approach

Capturing photographs for wedding is not a simple task; it needs an imaginative approach and creative mind. A professional uses their creativity to create beautiful stills of the most delightful moment of your nuptials.

At Geaux Live DJ & Photography, we understand our customers’ requirements and offer specialized photography services at highly cost-effective prices. Our experts are creative, passionate about photography and make use of latest equipment. So, you can rely on us for this special task of your wedding photography. Visit our website to check our portfolio and add-on services.


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